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Endemics of Israel

Final project

This project received a mark of "Bezalel in existence and community" at 2020 final assignments acknowledgement, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design


I have been interested in living creatures such as animals and plants since I was a little child. Due to my persistent concern, back then I had some research activities, such as comparison between different kinds of species, looking up the literature for their hue properties and what makes each one of them special. My main goal is to share and spread the awareness of a very distinctive species - Endemics, which are location-specific to Israel and inhabit very restricted geographic areas, hence making them impossible to be found in any other place in the world.


There are foundations whose business is to protect limited living creatures from external harm and ensure their population growth. Beyond these foundation’ efforts, also the people who are not a part of them, can help to provide such help and protection for the Endemics. 10% of the whole Flora and Fauna in Israel are Endemic species. There is a great danger of wipe-out for some of them, since I believe it is our responsibility as a mankind to protect them, we are able to make efforts to do so.


Chosen locations for exposing 22 endemic species are the Northern area and Negev desert located in the southern area of Israel. Some of the species inhabit the neighboring Levant countries (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt), while the others inhabit Israel only.

In conclusion, my primary goal is to raise awareness regarding endemic species, their existence and their importance to the world of nature. As humans, we sometimes forget that we are not alone in this composite world, and keep neglecting our responsibility for the cycle of life. In order to protect these living creatures from wipe-out and disaster, I believe we must take one step forward towards the understanding of their importance.

Consideration for design presentation to the audience defines screening via industrial projector for the purpose of expansion of view area. Hence, large audiences may experience the screenings as well.

Project was designed under the supervision of Maayan Levitzky (M.Des Industrial and Product Design and B.A Visual Communication).

Special thanks to: Amit Trainin, Konstantin Vojik, Vered Anisimov, Michael Homyakov, Sharon Velkin, Gilad Kaufman and my family.